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New Orleans' French Market

Here we are at the French Market. The oldest market and it was started by the Choctaw Indians to trade with the "white man." In New Orleans that meant French, Spanish and, sometimes, Americans. Nowadays, it has food of many lands. Especially Creole and Cajun food. Did you know that was the only original cuisine ever invented in the whole United States? That's Creole and Cajun food and we're very proud of it.

Creole food is like creole tomatoes and gumbo. Speaking of gumbo, if you want some really good food, go to Petunias on St. Louis Street and you won't be sorry.

Garlic is used a lot in New Orleans cooking and you know it's strange that vampires have all but vanished from our streets. Maybe, it's because of these garlic necklaces in the French Quarter. You can see me buying a few up there on the screen.

Now we're going on to a new place. So, Follow me...

The French Market

The French Market is America's oldest city market. Before europeans settled into the area, the Choctaw indians used the site as a trading post and meeting place.

In 1771, the Spanish erected the first buildings which were destroyed by a hurricane in 1812. Soon after this devastation, the original buildings were replaced with structures that stand to this day and continue to serve the people of New Orleans.

At the French market, one can buy just about anything and everything. In the main buildings, one will find the produce and meat vendors. Every morning, local restaurateurs, grocers and others can be found haggling over the best produce. On weekends, the French Market is transformed into a giant flea market. People come from across the state to vend their wares. From fine jewelry to that perfect creole tomato, it can be found at the French Market.

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