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828-A Bourbon Street
New Orleans, LA 70116-3137 USA
OFFICE: 504.522.8049
FAX: 504.522.0907

Here we are right down Bourbon Street and we're at the Ambush office. That's right! Our sponsor.

Ambush Magazine is the premier trashy, campy tabloid for Gay life in New Orleans and the Gulf South. I mean. We need to know what's going on! Don't we?

The balcony here is famous for it's bead toss. "You show and we throw." The BEST beads in the world! And, the best show too. This happens at Mardi Gras and Southern Decadence.

Rip and Marsha attend almost every event to get the scoop for us to read about in the AMBUSH newspaper. Of course, we're on the Internet. But then, you know that!

So, stay tuned for my next adventure. But, if you want to go with us, contact AMBUSH Mag 2000.

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