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800 Bourbon Street

First stop on Gay Bourbon Street. The nightlife starts in the Land of Oz! You never know what you'll find here. But, it's ALWAYS a riot.

Monday is The Gong Show with $100.69 to the Winner!

Tuesday is Alternative Music Night with Cash Giveaways!

Wednesday is Drag Night and we have a $100.00 prize for the "Drag Race Winner!" But, it's got nothing to do with cars.

Thursday is the Calendar Boy Contest with a $200.00 prize.

Every night there is dancing to H-O-T music with great video jocks and there's always drink specials. And, balconies for talking and an upstairs bar with a pooltable.

You just might see Miss Becky dancing the night away at Oz

Well, if you're still able I want you to follow me!

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